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People everywhere are striving to go green to save the planet. It sounds funny because the world was green long before humans took over. Nevertheless, everyone is moving towards eco-friendly products from buildings to vehicles to even the clothes we wear. So, it isn’t a surprise when the green terrace idea was accepted by a lot of people.

What are green terraces?

A green terrace is basically the roof or terrace of a building used in growing vegetation. Majority of people often ignore the terraces of their building. The roof of a building gets direct sunlight, rainfall and so on. The terrace is the perfect place for plants to thrive with minimal disturbance from plants and animals. Green terraces were innovated in the late 1950s and have become quite popular since then. Many houses in India now have terraces where they grow plants and other organic products.

The advantage of green terraces cannot be counted. Part of it is that they help to prevent water runoffs which are pretty common in many homes. It is great to keep runoff to a minimal because excess runoff can lead to contamination of water and flooding. The plants in the terraces can help absorb as much as 80% of rainwater coming from the atmosphere. The absorbed water can then be reverted back to the atmosphere in form of condensation. Typical house roofs are completely water resistant and any excess water goes directly to the sewage.

Green terracing has been known to drastically reduce the effects of global warming, especially in a city like Delhi where the population is fast increasing and so more and more trees are being cut down to make space for housing.

We Need Dreams

Green terracing creates the perfect opportunity for houses to improve the earth’s natural environment by planting some of the vegetation that was lost when their houses were built. Green terraces are great for the surroundings, refreshing to look at and great for your pockets.

Dreams Aren’t Enough

You may decide to plant just flowers and ornamental plants or plant vegetables and edible crops. Depending on the size of the garden, you can decide to have both flowers and edible crops.

Our first responsibility as humans is to preserve our environment from the increasing greenhouse effects and other pollution-related damages. Therefore, going green is not just a choice anymore; rather, it must become our priority. Having green terraces and choosing to live a green and eco-friendly lifestyle will not only help to significantly ensure the survival of our planet but at the end of the day, green terraces are also cost-effective.


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