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India is currently experiencing a rapid urbanization and is anticipated that it will reach 2.5% in 2021. As the population increases, so does the need for shelter and housing.

Does that mean that the fate of all homes is to become old-fashioned with time? Absolutely not! You can future proof your home to ensure that it withstands the test of time even in the years to come.

An average house lasts for about 80 years. Now imagine how obsolete 80-year-old homes in your community is. Future proofing your home requires you to make better infrastructural and technological decisions about your home that can help your home look great even as it ages.Many people do not give much thought to how many buildings which are over 50 years old are still attractive. Buildings need to be maintained as they age but it is important to build it to last right from scratch.

If you want to future-proof your home, you must be prepared to invest in quality building materials and carefully plan out every move. What you plan to do with the house In the future is equally important when future proofing. The location of your house is also crucial. You may want to plan your building with respect to the surrounding infrastructures. Even if you do not see the benefits at the moment, strategically planning your house to fit into the future community will benefit you when the time comes.

We Need Dreams

Future proofing is especially important when buying a new home. Necessary features must be added before you move in to ensure the sustenance of the house.

Dreams Aren’t Enough

Preparing your home for the future guarantees the long life and adaptability of your home. When building, ensure that the building material and the design of the home are long lasting and have a timeless appeal. Avoid building homes according to the reigning trends.

Instead, build a home that will last even after the current home trend has lapsed. Have a plan for future storage space requirement and ventilation. Make sure the structure and design of the house is long lasting and top notch. The structure should be well thought of so that when changes and renovations can be made in the future without the need for major demolition. Buildings must also be constructed in flexible ways so that they can adapt to allow new technologies as the years go by.


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